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Parenting Anxiety

Date Posted: October 14th, 2019, 8:15 pm
Me, at 2 am thinking about about the mistakes I've made in my life: "This is fine. It'll be fine." (internally screaming)

Author Notes

Some days I just worry. A lot.


@Falconer: you should not worry...she is perfect...its not yours... you are herĀ“s, you are going to learn more from her than what she will learn from you, you only need to guide her to make the best choice she can, she is a blessing and the fact you care so much for her means you already are a great mommy for her! you love her and thats what matters at the end, mistakes...anyone makes them, showing her that is ok and that life is life, its all what parenting is all about...but what i know...i wish i had kids...T_T

maybe one day...i hope...i know you are gonnna be a great mother i just know it! :)