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Date Posted: February 15th, 2019, 9:30 pm
*not talking about how crazy work was today lmao*

Author Notes

You never know how all your skills may intersect...so learn ALL the things! Follow all your interests! \o/


@Falconer: OMG...i never thought about it!...O_O
I've recently been interested in a lot of different things and this really got me ;u;
path starts to crumble along with any hypothetical hopes and dreams that might've survived the previous trials
@RandomEgg: unless the path is forming ahead of her
@RandomEgg: yeah, it was meant to be forming as I go lol
@Falconer: Lol I was thinking the same thing.
@Falconer: oh whoops
Wow! So inspirational! Honestly fits in with the after Valentines theme, where people usually would tend to give up when they don’t have anyone to have as motivation (like me ;w;)
I guess we accidentally created a new glass-half-full-half-empty test.

Is the path forming together, or breaking apart?
This is encouraging! :) I think these multiple separate paths are how school presents it. It might make sense for some industries today, I guess. Perhaps in the past more people worked in factories and well-defined office roles.

Now I look at the path, I can see the bits are zooming into it, not crumbling away. :)

Oh hehe! I like the "99 fears" shirt. I almost (but not quite) want one.