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When Is Most Inconvenient For Everyone?

Date Posted: January 26th, 2019, 9:15 pm
I never thought I'd say "I miss MARTA", but boy do I ever. HOW DO Y'ALL GET ANYWHERE AROUND HERE???

Author Notes

All I want is a meetup...at a reasonable time...with the least amount of effort to get to...


Should have come to Florida.

We have the fabled Florida man and no one here ever sleeps.
@Falconer: So I'm not sure what you have around you, but maybe try to look up if there is friendly neighborhood gaming and comic store around you. Board games, not video games.

A lot of them either have weekly D&D nights that are open to the public or board game nights that are open as well.

I've met some great people at my local game shop and have learned some great games, and I get to scratch my Dungeon Master itch every now and then as well.

If you don't know how to play but have been interested don't worry. Most of the meetups are designed to help teach people the game, so they should be used to new players coming in. Honestly my favorite part about it is showing new people how to create characters and trying to give them their moment in the spotlight!

***This comes with a heavy BUT! As we all know, nerds can also be super duper asshats. If you find that this is the case or the people are toxic, just look someplace else. But a majority of people I've met have been incredibly nice.