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Poke Problems

Date Posted: November 17th, 2018, 11:18 pm
We have too many Pokemon so the only thing left to do is TRAP EVERY SINGLE ONE INTO A TINY BALL! And also that teaches your Poketeam a thing or two. Somehow.

Author Notes

I was flummoxed by the logic behind Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee leveling, but I think I cracked the case.


I take it as you're playing ‘Let's Go Eevee’, the brand new switch game. Edit: I was right. Ah, grinding, nice too see more & more people suffering as more modern games are made...lol.
Oh, a little advice from a pro... @pixlyJolt: keep on lvling up in the same areas, or areas you can really get good xp+hits in, around your poke being 5+ lvls over the wild mon
@pixlyJolt: This was me before finding out the Let’s Go games were practically add-ons to Pokèmon Go.
The game may have its flaws, but I'm enjoying it so far. They made eevee darn cute.

...Though I've gotten into a bad habit of just spamming pay day with my mew on every trainer battle to rake in money. >A> To make up for my bad aim. /cough

And on the note of the actual topic of the game; I haven't figured that one out either. xD Seems as good of a reason as any thus far.
wait, can you not fight wild pokemon?
@Rocatex: No, not in Let's Go. You only fight trainers.
@Falconer: thats stupid
flat out stupid
Nope @Rocatex: I tried it out at my local Walmart, & found that you can’t grind for xp on wild mon, & before I left for Las Vegas, I tried the trainer battle, & it’s a little boring. Also, yeah, it’s kind of an add-on to Pokèmon go, being able to trade Pokémon from Pokémon Go to a Let’s Go game. I mean, why do you think both of the most recent games would have Go in their names? Oh, you can get an exclusive Mythical Gen8 Pokèmon from Pokémon go, btw.