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Still Missing You

Date Posted: May 13th, 2018, 9:30 pm
It's like...wishing my mother-in-law Happy Mother's Day was fine when I still had a mom, but since then has felt...not the same?? Just kind of like "you're not my mom", you know?? Same to wishing other moms well. It's just...I miss MY mom. u_u; No one can replace her.

Author Notes

In some ways this year was better, but in other ways not. I miss my mom very much. <3


@Falconer: Awww I'm sorry
I'm sorry, I know each year this time of the year is particularly hard for you.

But your mom lives on in you, and someday you will get celebrate again. (But you will be able to get all the cards, gifts, and pampering.)

Stay strong and try to remember the good times.
spend the day remembering her every year, that way you´ll never forget her
@Falconer: what are you saying? you still have her! its in your heart! in your soul! and your flesh is her flesh! you are part of her and she is part of you! and she will never be truly gone as long as her special someone (you Falconer) remembers her! i know you miss being with her physical body but her spirit and soul has never left you! i know she loves you as much as you love her! :)
I'm so sorry. And honestly, lately I feel awkward about all family-focused holidays like that because I can think of at least one person for whom Mother's Day or Father's Day or something themed around children is a painful reminder. And I'm not saying people shouldn't celebrate, just that I wish it was easier for others to opt out of it quietly and without extra pain.

Hang in there. <3