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Where We're Going, You Don't Need Any Save Points!

Date Posted: December 29th, 2017, 10:50 pm
me: "I just fought several powerful monsters in a row. It sure would be great to save--"
game: "NOOOO!!!! You can't stop now!!!"

Author Notes

There always comes a point of "I've come this far; I may as well finish this."


Curiosity strikes again, what game ?
@Guest: Monster Hunter Stories -- I finaaaally finished the main story. And most of the subquests. XD
@Falconer: Congrats! Who was your favorite Monster?

Also if you interested in the MH universe, Monster Hunter World comes out later this year. It's not like Story, but it's going to be a great game if you like challenging boss battles and fun worlds!
@HalfAssedChaos: Ratha was so overpowered it was hard to use anyone else. XD But I really liked the design of the Ruby Basarios!!!

I haven't decided if I'll get that MH game yet or not. Historically I've been awful at the normal more hardcore games LOL
@Falconer: Haha, yeah it takes awhile to get over the initial wall. But if you or your husband do try to jump in I think there are a few members around SJ that will be forming some hunting groups and are generally very open to trying to teach new people the ropes. Happy 2018 and hope you had a lovely holiday!