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Cone of Shame Struggles

Date Posted: June 3rd, 2017, 9:35 pm
I am the bowl. The bowl is me.

Author Notes

He may be the biggest baby, but he's ~my~ baby.


Cone of shame...or is it? Not a cone of shame FOOD ISOLATION CHAMBER, at least, that is what my labrador worked out when he used it to steal food from the other dogs. Oliver does not have other dogs to contend with though soooo...good excuse for pampering instead? X'D
Hahah no ones denying your lovely bondings xd
@Falconer: umm...eversince you let us know of Oliver existence he has become a part of our lifes so is also our baby! :)
Hahah , need to go and hurt myself and do this with my parents , ama a big baby myself xD

Srsly pics please !