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What's Next?!

Date Posted: May 26th, 2017, 9:05 pm
BUT...the manga isn't complete! MY FATAL FLAW!!! (Watching/reading My Hero Academia.)

Author Notes

I like getting the whole story at once. :B


MHA is so good..................

I'm really stoked to hear it keeps on goin!
My bro n I watch it together weekly so I don't think I'll be readin the manga but.. sometimes... it's.. so .. darn.. tempting... 8(
@Captain Ghost: @SuperferretIX: @guest: @Luke: IT. IS. SO. GOOD. I do have to make sure I don't blab spoilers to James, though haha!

I love All Might so much. And Midoriya. And Iida, Todoroki, Tokoyami, Uraraka...

All of them. What I'm saying is I love all of them. \(*A*)/
X'D Ahahaha, ah yes...you were strong to wait until Season 2...I caved on that front aaages ago. It's really hard not to give my sister spoilers when discussing the new episodes, but at the same time it's amusing to guess how the episode pacing will go so...no regrets!
What is MHA ?!? Why is it so good???
It's almost a wonder I haven't checked on the manga of it yet...
I knew which anime you were watching the moment I read this, on the day it came out on tumblr! Because I am in the same MHA hell and I love it so much!!! All of the characters are my beloved children!
Also, All Might is my anime waifu(husbando???).
Personally, I am like James. I'm happy to wait until Saturday to see what happens. . . Tempted to buy the manga though, to support it as well.