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Let Me Pay!

Date Posted: April 29th, 2017, 9:45 pm
They already have my business. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH???

Author Notes

I'm sure they've all been sold my data anyway. Just give me a universal barcode and be done with it.


I am actually a cashier in a store where we do this. We hate it too. Corporate demands it. I have a score card I have to fill out at the end of the day. I am supposed to get at least four members a day. If I don't do well the district manager makes my managers and I feel like crap. We get strong "suggestions" and get to participate in horrible, patronizing role playing if we aren't doing well in our rewards members. And guess what, I can return your item if I have your card, which means the store already has a record of everything you bought under said card and can build a customer ID around it.
We hate it so entirely. But the almighty Corporate demands it. Now everywhere I go, I sign up for the dang rewards (if it's free) and I give them my lesser used email and it's not a big deal. And it helps skip the little pitch we have to do about the rewards.
It's all so awful, but as a cashier I get pretty well "scolded" if I don't get the members. It's the highest source of stress on our side.
@LotusQueen: I totally get it -- I've worked retail, but was lucky to get out just as corporate was rolling out their card system. But the thing I hate most is that it further takes control from you (the employee / cashier). Now instead of being judged on your own performance, your performance is now dependent on the customers themselves. Some of whom will never sign up or be interested, and at some point you will hit a max on the number of people you can convert. Some won't join because they happen to be in a bad mood that day or they're in a hurry. Those factors are all outside of your control.

Combined with the fact minimum wage employees are already seen as expendable, they are increasing expectations of you without increasing any incentive for you other than not losing your job. That's madness. And they know they can replace you in a heartbeat, or cut your hours in half with no consequence. All of this combines to employees who work their ass off and are still punished -- not enough pay, hours, money -- primarily because of things outside their control. They're not hiring salesman or business people, so why should they expect that from you? You're supposed to just give a good customer experience. For how little min wage is, it's cruel to expect even more AND make your job performance dependent on it.

I know people who would get friends to sign up, then quit, and sign up AGAIN just so they could meet their weekly quota. The focus to now getting "memberships" to keep their jobs is going to erode how good some people are at being good and friendly cashiers -- it changes your judgement and priorities, and at a cost.

So I get it's a corporate thing. I hated it then, and I hate it more now. It's BS from start to finish, and they don't care at all. They just want the numbers and the money.