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Thanks For...Nothing

Date Posted: March 19th, 2017, 10:20 pm
I know it's not nice to be jaded, but I am kinda very jaded about this

Author Notes

Please don't do this! It’s very rude to the original artist, and robs them from what should have been a MUTUALLY beneficial opportunity.


(fires up the torches)

What was the name of the site, so we can properly flame them?
@The_Hankerchief: she said reblogged so i'm GONNA assume tumblr
@Draven22: dont there also blogger but the picture itself can have a embedded link in the image on there.
@The_Hankerchief: @Draven22: @princessprt: Actually was a Facebook page (I share my work on there too, so they could have easily shared it). I don't want to start any flames or fights, so don't worry about it lol I already sent them a polite message, which I'm sure will be ignored but...ah well. Given what their page was about, sure it was a one-time thing, so I'm not going to pick a fight unless it becomes a recurring problem. I might just have to start watermarking my work (which I hate and why I've avoided doing it ughhhhh).
embedded links @Falconer: You can always embedded links into the images
I won't flame them but i will join handkerchief by messaging about the inappropriateness in a business-like manner
.......x1000 times