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Results of Shared Food

Date Posted: December 2nd, 2016, 10:00 pm
I'd say it almost took him a year to notice, but that's entirely true. Sometimes he did buy turkey slices for his lunch or something.

Author Notes

When your husband realizes you almost made him vegetarian by proxy.


Hahahah poor Oliver :x

Pls give him a bit of your burger xD

Lol I guess the less meat the better it is for you ;D
awww....but meat is more delicious...and its a must have for the body...T_T
My girlfriend has Graves' Disease, meaning gluten makes her really sick, so I've had to adjust my eating habits a bit to accommodate, lest I just make her buy her own groceries (which I wouldn't). It's shocking just how much she can't eat because of it. So I can feel James' pain.

Also, every time I ask a store associate where the gluten-free (insert food item that can be made without gluten), I feel like a trendy douchebag hipster. Lol
@The_Hankerchief: haha James has a lot of food allergies so it goes both ways for us I guess LOL

There was a while where we thought gluten or soy was one of the things he was having problems with, and boy did THAT make shopping trips hard!!! Glad it turned out to be neither. o_o;;