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A Seedy Operation [Harvest Moon: Skytree Village]

Date Posted: November 13th, 2016, 7:50 pm
I kept running back and forth between Dean and Sam to build up all the cash for other seeds. I'M EITHER A VERY SHADY OR VERY BRILLIANT FARMER.

Author Notes

Like two days into Harvest Moon: Skytree Village and already I'm running some kind of shady operation where I trade their kindness for cold, hard cash and vegetables.


Harvest moon!!! I have a thing for Harvest moons... *looks at like 7 harvest moon she has* unfinished... ahahaha I like the story of seasons branch better in the present, seems more harvest moony to me.

But yeah, Europe still doesn't have this one ;_:
@SkyWithFluffyclouds: lol Gotta collect them all!!! I keep buying them even when I don't have time to play them. XD;; It's a problem.

Story of Seasons is more "harvest moon-y" because it's the actual translations of the original Japanese series. XSeed took over doing the localizations, where as Natsume decided to instead begin making their own version of the series based on what they've learned from the US fan-base. This one is definitely better than Lost Valley - they fixed a lot I hadn't liked in that one - but still some things I wish they'd done. They kept the Harvest Moon name so to keep their branding/trademark and the fanbase they already had, which is why XSeed had to go with "Story of Seasons" instead as the new name for the localizations.
@Falconer: yeah, I heard of that, so I tried both, I haven't got past much in Lost Valley cause meh.

But yeah, no time is a big reason too lol