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Give It To Me

Date Posted: July 17th, 2016, 3:30 pm
We would have the cutest babies. I AM JUST SAYING...

Author Notes

Someone save me from myself.

I AM GETTING OLD!! ....ish.


@Falconer: dawww a baby! wuold you adopt or concieve =3
@Draven22: Conceive. :>
Totally understand the first two xD

Hahah your relationship with James never gets old lool
As a camp counselor, I assure you, children will end you (metaphorically, but they are sometimes really annoying)
As a dad, I assure you, children are fricken awesome. Sure they can be a annoying sometimes, but none of that matters with how amazing it makes you feel and how much love you share.

Of course make sure you're in a good place first, rushing into such a big life decision can turn something amazing, into something unmanageable.