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Yell to Victory

Date Posted: April 11th, 2015, 9:25 pm
I just curse more quietly. ;)

Author Notes

I'm not one to judge; you should hear me playing Mario Kart.

But basically everything I know about Bloodborne I know through James' cursing.


Yeah, it happens to me all the time... especially platformers. -.-
Mario Kart is serious business. >:€
At least he isn't playing unfair mario, or cat Mario. Those games... are the bane of my existence...
James! Language! (I have. SLIGHT thing against swearing).
Hehe I knew it was bloodborne as soon as I read the comic. I just bought it too and that is pretty much me
Now watch as we observe the bloodborner in their natural habitat of cursing lane, depression city, in addiction valley.
I can understand. You don't wanna come near me when I'm playing something like Mario Kart - I'll probably blow your ear drums out. XD
That's me when I'm playing Splatoon