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Not That I Slept Much, Anyway

Date Posted: December 3rd, 2014, 10:15 pm
Come back to me, fluffy cloud bed! Come baaaack!!

Author Notes

Unless you're cool and have a mega comfy bed I guess...but alas, I do not.


To me, there's no bed like my own.
@Such and Such: me too, it's probably not the comfiest but it's mine and it's comfy to me.
My boyfriend doesn't like my bed. He says it's too comfortable so he can't get up in the morning and sleeps away the whole day.
Me, I love my bed for that exact reason :D
For me it's the opposite. Hotel beds feel like I'm trying to sleep in some foreign, dangerous, unexplored territory that previously belonged to a pack of wolves. My bed is the most uncomfortable cluster of 80% springs and 20% fabric in existence, but when I get home I'm so tired from not sleeping on the hotel bed that my home bed feels like a dream come true.
Oddly enough, it's the opposite for me. I have a lumpy bed that's a bit slanted (It's an air bed), and my body is so used to it. So, whenever I go to a hotel, I would say that the bed is TOO soft and I wouldn't get comfortable no matter what. :/