Falconer's Daily Strips


Date Posted: November 4th, 2014, 8:40 pm
Cue depressing music. Also, too lazy to fix that typo right now.

Author Notes

Tuesday confessional.


I feel about the same way as well.
Just do it! Patreon and such are just more ways people can show they appreciate your works. The ones giving you money do it voluntarily, so don't feel bad about that! XD
I totally think you should start a patreon! You deserve it ^^ Also, your comic strips is what I look forward to the most on smackjeeves I look everyday to see if you have updated <3
SO you putting in EFFORT and SWEAT and CONCENTRATION AND TIME AND ALL OTHER STUFF WHICH YOU DO to create AMAZING ART is something we are supposed to take from you for FREE ?!?!?!?!???????

Don't ever think like that ever again dude D:

USe your abilities, you know you have them! It is the overthinking which causes a hindrance about it, don't think about but just do it :) I Know it is hard, but at least give it a try, and just remember that nothing can be worse then such a situation that a turtle is on his back and can't get back up again - if you see it THAT way...well the world might seem at least a bit easier for you ;)
it is kinda ridiculous to say, but never undervalue yourself. You are making people happy, and that is something in of itself.