Falconer's Daily Strips

*stare stare* What 'Cha Doing?

Date Posted: September 22nd, 2014, 8:55 pm
What does he want? BESIDES MY SOUL??

Author Notes

And there he stood...watching...and waiting??


You have established panels in this comic, the shading looks different from most other dailies, and recent dailies seem to be typed rather than written.

Did you get a new device of which to create comics with, or are you just trying something new?
@SassyThePokemonLover: I used to have panels in most of them, back in the beginning! Then I tried to get away from them and experiment...now it depends on what the comic is about. :P

I've been using a font of my handwriting instead of writing the text lately just to try it out. I think this makes them easier to read since my handwriting isn't always consistent. ^^;

The shading is a wee different on this one, but my dailies always tend to be whatever I feel like doing haha! :D
@Falconer: For some reason I remember what the earlier dailies were about, but not what they looked like, haha.

Regarding the font, it looks real neat (probably because your handwriting looks real neat :P), but sometimes the "o"s look a bit big when compared to the other letters.