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3, 2, 1...Break!

Date Posted: September 18th, 2014, 9:30 pm
I think I've been working on too many creative things and different tasks lately and it's all just been incredibly draining.

Author Notes

Taking a few days off for myself...I hope you don't mind!


Of course I don't mind, take as long as you need!
Go and recharge your batteries and take as long as you need.
Maybe take a few days or a week off work? It can do wonders, trust me (:
@Gothika: Can't. Only have a week of PTO to accrue over the year...going to use it to visit family for Thanksgiving. Hoping I'll get enough hours to pay for the week...Feels so far away!! ;_;
@Falconer: Aw boo! Well I hope it's the best week off ever!