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Forever Stress

Date Posted: September 17th, 2014, 8:30 pm

Author Notes

I've been stressing too much lately...and I'm not even sure over what!


I tend to fret much too often as well.
my doctor said meditation tapes like from walmart would help, i'm not so sure...
You were doing so well, just start thinking about all the progress you've made so far. Instead of the cons in your mind have the pros ! :D I swear, although I stopped writing comments, I still enjoy reading these strips of yours. My favourite one of your recent ones was the one where it is easy to knock you down but it sure as hell ain't easy to keep you there.BADASS WOMAN RIGHT THERE!!! You're fun adventures with Oliver, you and james and how you are making progress and all these cute little things plus the teaching you give us with the step by step and such. There are so many great things you have done, so dun worry if iyou get stressed about something - it happen to everyone. Including me all the time :P

I look at your strips and wish I could draw strips as well and connect to people, but nowadays I am stuck with my own problems so I have to try hard to get rid of them nstead of thinking about that xD by blabbering on I realize how uch I missed writing comments here : /