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Puppy Power

Date Posted: June 13th, 2014, 9:40 pm
Someone find me an indestructible toy that he won't get bored with. Please. D:

Author Notes

He is 10 pounds of pure destruction and I give up.



Oliver really does have a face of ailler xD I wonder if ANY toy ever survived in his custody xD

well he still gives love to the famile:3
dont give up give him old clothes stuffed with older clothes as a toe or old shoes with stuff in them, turn old clothing, it is fun. or have oliver chew on some one like my dog does to my dad
Oh God... :C That seems very familiar...
Car tires?
Using old clothes taught our puppy to steal new ones T_T.

Our puppy also ate a maglite...a brick...and entire bags of individually wrapped chocolate...we're lucky she's still alive.

My suggestion is to try various cheap toys until Oliver is old enough to lose at least a touch of that puppy energy.