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Gotta Tell Her Now

Date Posted: May 15th, 2014, 7:50 pm
This like the time he woke me up to tell me about the awkward encounter he had in the hotel lobby all over again...

Author Notes

I am always losing sleep over conversations that could have waited...

(He is referring to a drawing I haven’t posted in case you're wondering.)


omg this happens to me all the time, but instead of sleeping ill be reading.
and everyone must think that when im reading it means im doing nothing and they automatically start talking to me about random crap i dont need to know or hear T^T
JUST LET ME FINISH MY BOOK!!! there pretty cool, you should pick one up sometime. it like playing that new app, but its happening inside your brain .___.
ugh he's so cute i want 20
important.ha. Why does it left me wondering what things there are which are not imprtant to him xddd
Reminds me of the time he woke you up to make pancakes XD