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Shipping Cost

Date Posted: December 22nd, 2013, 2:00 pm
What kills me is that the more expensive option apparently takes...LONGER?!

Author Notes

Should've just said that one first and left it at that.


The first one is probably an option because it is likely safer to have it travel by air and there is less likely to be an incident for instance, a van can crash into a car, what'll a plane crash into? Twenty flocks of birds?

Plus, as less people will be using the first one, there will be less chance of other packages crushing it or damaging it.

It just likely takes longer because of all the preparations and stuff before a plane can take off and the taking off and landing processes themselves.
It wont reach where you want it in less than 3 days.
@MoogleSam: I once took an introductory flight class and remember being very confused by my pilot panicking at the fact that we were within a mile of another cessna.

Apparently planes are magically attracted to each other and if any traffic comes too close, they are guaranteed to collide. Therefore, shipping by air is more dangerous :)