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the end...?

Date Posted: November 7th, 2013, 8:15 pm
If it's any consolation, work isn't that funny anyway.

Author Notes

Probably not, but who knows.


Nuuuu! ;_; I like this comic
@Falconer: i bet you can find something you can talk about...like if you are a spy! :)
Hmm, draw adventures in commuting? Or lunch/breaktimes? Or funny memories from childhood?

Even if it has privacy responsibilities that limit drawing, I'm so glad you got a step-up job :3 and they better be treating you well, miss!
@Ddraigeneth: This is true. Awesomeness of comic -> %100 as amount of page taken up by Oliver -> %100
@Falconer: there's always funny things your dog does on a day to day basis
It's funny how one doesn't realize where most of the ideas come from. For then to completely shut it down.

But I've seen you break through before. I'm sure you'll manage to come up with good ideas again! <3
Personally, I recommend Nuzlocke comics. Surely you still have time for playing Pokémon, right, I mean, it's like having time for eating, kinda essential.

And honestly - I think you'll still find things to draw about. It's not like your strips were all about work anyway (cougholivercough).
I just hope first of all that your job isn't stressing you out that much , and that you can still enjoy your life :). Second don't worry about the comic, we won't eat you xD or maybe....? xD Just kidding, srsly though if you need ideas, there's almost a guarantee that tiwth oliver or james or home and spiders something will happen xD and either way there are still weekends :)
finaly im caught up!
i found this a few days ago and have been reading it whenever i could, nonstop till i caught up
Actually, no, a nuzlocke is a great idea.

By which I mean you will crash and burn halfway through the game the instant second one of your pokemon die.