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I've been waiting to be the best there ever was for my entire life ok

Date Posted: October 12th, 2013, 11:40 pm
It's true though. All the people in line to pick up Pokemon at Toys R Us were also adults, and we were all buying it for ourselves...so...

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This is what real adults do. Obviously.


*sob* Everyone has Pokemons, but me... :___;
I too wish I had pokemans, but I dont... I wonder, which one is it that she is playing...
My day in a nutshell
Dat face
I dun have either ;-;
Let us sob together....
@Falconer: mum says i need to grow up.... growing is automatic, but growing up is optional
Waah, I can't get the new games because I don't have the money or a 3DS.

Though I'm glad that other people can enjoy them.
Pretty much what I did this weekend as well. Pokemon X is awesome! OwO