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cloudy mind

Date Posted: July 9th, 2013, 1:10 pm
There is a certain number of days in a row at work that I just simply cannot handle. I'm just donedonedone done and got one more to go tonight.

Author Notes

Muddled thoughts make a muddy mind. The lights are on, but I don’t know that anybody’s home.


The mess one can make within ones own mind... I tend to let things go and take a break when that happens. Sometimes it helps. :)
That moment where all the minds and personalities of the four OC's I've made over my life (Kirby, Battle Network, Minecraft, and yes, Mega Man) AS WELL AS my own mind are arguing.
It usually ends in a feast of boneless barbeque wings, Mac and Cheese, and brownies.
And my original mind in a headache.