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Can you see that spring has arrived?

Date Posted: April 11th, 2013, 9:25 pm
Today's daily was drawn especially lazily because I care not. ~enjoy~

Author Notes

I've never had this problem anywhere else I've lived. It's kind of ridiculous. Pollen, back off a bit, will you?


We have the same problem, except ours is yellow.

Although, it is pretty funny when our dog goes out and comes back covered in the stuff. XD
Up here in Canada everything's pretty much melted, but we have 20cm of snow coming tonight grr
Welcome to Georgia! Where pollen takes over in spring and summer, make sure you have good allergy meds!~
My dad cleans houses and people will leave their windows open and come back after he cleans and tell him that he sucks at dusting and there's even more dust than before. *facepalm*
same I had the same problem we had to presure wash it out of the cracks in the sidewalk
I'm from the Willamette Valley, grass seed capital of the world and also a really terrible place to be if you have hayfever (which I have) or pollen allergies (The surrounding mountains trap everything in).

When we had a series of tornadoes roll through a few years back, all that pollen got kicked up into a cloud that settled over the Portland area, resulting in the largest number of emergency room visits (due to severe allergic reactions) in state history.

Glad I don't have that problem up here in Alaska!
@Nightfall: Some people refer to it as yellow but it all just looks green to me. Green powdered mess on everything. @_@

@O.S.M.A.: I haven't seen snow in so long it feels like...Can't say I really miss it though.

@KitKatMuffin: "Welcome to Georgia!" is pretty much what everyone here has said to me when I've commented on how ridiculous it is LOL

@LotusQueen: *facepalm* People are stupid.

@RuckeySquad: We just wait for more rain because we are ~lazy~

@The_Hankerchief: Oh gosh that sounds awful. o_o Luckily I don't really have allergies so it doesn't bother me much...but poor James on the other hand...^^;
If there's sum-thin' strannnge....in yuh neigh-buh-hood...who yuh gunna cawll?
I know right