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not my division

Date Posted: February 24th, 2013, 10:55 pm
Everything in comparison to this seemed more tolerable than usual.

Author Notes

That's not actually what she said, but we were all thinking it.

Instead we went, "Not my division." and fled.


Drunk people.
Actually, something like this happened to me at the theater I work at. Apparently some kid peed during one of the movies, and somehow no one, not even his parents, noticed. Leaving me and some other coworkers to clean it up.

That was my second or third week working there.
"Not my division"? You're Sherlockians! So am I!
i work at walmart, thats a whole better than finding a condom in a barbie doll package.... a USED condom..... ya, it's gross
Walmart is a breeding ground for used diapers.
@sylsbem: I'd be more forgiving with children, but this was clearly an adult. Who knows why.

@Jaqueline Sparrow-Pheonix: Awww yeah. ;D

@kinnikufanchick101: @Arc Impulse: ...What is wrong with people. :|
Now I'm kinda happy the only thing I may have to clean up in a day is some puke and snuff thrown around and on the table.