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Pride & Shame

Date Posted: February 8th, 2013, 12:36 pm
Sometimes I spend time reflecting on how I've become who I am, for better or worse.

Author Notes

Something personal. If wrote a book about my life, I'd have a whole chapter dedicated to the idea of pride and shame...which basically sounds like a Jane Austen novel gone wrong.


Jeez, no one has any tact! Those buttheads aren't worth your time!! >>>:(
You're a sweetheart and you deserve better treatment!
But I know how you feel. :(
I don't tell ANYBODY about my stuff, for the exact same reasons. If only the world was a little kinder! >:I
You're writing a book about your life right now.
This. Just this.

Most of my accomplishments as a kid either resulted in criticism or downright disapproval. So when I grew up and did stuff on my own, I kept it mostly private, save for my twin brother and a very close friend. This extends to problems as well; its to the point I feel more comfortable talking to strangers than my own family and friends.

I used to be incredibly outgoing and friendly. Now, unless specifically invited, I mostly spend my time reserved to myself.
I know how you feel... I've always worked hard at school, but I hated being singled out..
^ Well it's the fear of rejection isn't it? Thinking that whatever you share won't be well received or understood, if it happens once you can't really forget it, at least I can't (at most I get over it, remember it with a weird fondness, nostalgia for not-good-times I guess =S), and then you hesitate the next time, and at some point you just don't go ahead with it.

I've had a hard time sharing my things with others, my thoughts, my ideas, my affection, even though most times I'm dying to share it with someone. I've been keeping things for myself for so long that even though I plan the aforementioned sharing in my head I just can't get to do it.

Fortunately I think I'm changing little by little. A while ago I felt really closed off from the rest of the world, I thought I didn't care but I did, I do, I want to be involved. ...from there I just changed I guess =)

tl;dr. I can relate. Also good for you that you have a perfect attendance!
The world is nothing but ass-wipes. Find the people who are not :D
Amen to that sis... I know how the anxiety feels. Constantly trying to feel like one of the group, without messing up or looking weird...It will become better someday, when you meet the right people to hang around with.

Sorry the only thing I can give you is some lousy words, but I hope you know there are a lot of people out here appreciating what you do and how you do it. :):)
*hugs tightly*
And you hit the nail on the head again!
Exactly, although the way I see it if anyone complains, then ask them to do better. Your website is stupid? Ask them to program AN ENTIRE WEBSITE THEMSELVES. They'll look pretty stupid very quickly. I proudly put out my work no matter what and always do my best. I don't make friends anywhere near as easily, but the friends I do make actually matter and will always stick by me.
Ah, yes, I know this feeling well. It sucks because I'll show something to the internet and I'll get at least halfway positive responses and words of encouragement to get better. If I show it to family I get, well that's kinda cool. Then nothing more is said about it. Or it gets made fun of,"Oh she's making another of those dancing videos I guess she can't make those dolls do anything else" Only 2 people from my family show support for anything I do, it makes for a very sad bunny. :/
Wow, yeah. This just about sums it up. I never really thought of it like that.

Is it wrong that I want this as a bookmark?
My life as a whole.
I have a 9-13+ on all my ITBS scores and guess what.
I'm twelve, I'm a seventh grader, and even if I tell people this I still get bullied because they can't see how much smarter I am.
@ServantofCygnus: Or more likely they do see and are jealous, so they try to make you feel bad to make themselves feel better by comparison.
A moderately accurate summary of my life.
I have this same problem, I thought it was especially weird when I was praised for just doing my job...because most people apparently didn't?