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eat it in a non-sexual manner!

Date Posted: February 5th, 2013, 8:55 pm
Apparently eating ice cream un-sexually is hard and you just make everyone feel awkward or something. At least this is how I imagine her story.

Author Notes

And no one tried to hit on her that day.


She has a long tongue like a frog. And appears capable cleaning separating ice cream with her tongue like a knife.

She is now Knife Frog. Her only powers are having a long tongue that can cut through ice cream like a sharp blade.
Thank god I'm not the only one who thinks like that! It doesn't help when my boyfriend sees me eating a corndog or something similar and makes random sex noises to bug me >.>
@MoogleSam: Well, it's a unique power for sure. At least it has a use. xD

@happybunnyntx: lol!! xD
There's a kid who eats lunch with me, and when I eat whatever food(doesn't even have to be really long; it's usually bread) he starts moaning to annoy me. I threw the bread I was eating at him the other day, and it hit him on the head and landed on the floor. I lunged for it and grabbed it in a very ninja-like position(squatting with one leg stretched out). Then I just threw it at him again without looking and it hit him hard in the jaw. It hurt a lot, since our schools bread is basically a rock.
I've never gotten what's sexy about eating food. Fat people aren't sexy. I'm certainly not sexy when I eat ice cream.
Far as I'm concerned, if someone thought you'd be sexy for eating ice cream, they thought you'd be sexy in general.
This is the most I've typed sexy into a comment ever.
I never thought of eating icecream by licking it as anything different or special, until my husband was eating it by biting it. I was like oo whaaaa? Now I feel very paranoid whenever I eat it, but I refuse to bite it!

I generally go with the ninja lick, either waiting till no one is looking, or doing it so that you can't see my tongue. Ninja icecream eater!!
oh good im not the onely one.
I was not aware that "eating ice cream in a sexual manner" is a thing. XD I mean, sure I've heard jokes about hot dogs, buuuuut ... XD