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model employee

Date Posted: January 18th, 2013, 7:20 pm
I like to think it WAS the same grandma, and she had come back from the dead, and who wouldn't take their zombie grandma to the hospital? I would. That shit is weird, yo.

Author Notes

This employee of the year took a whole year to be fired.


Oh dear.
Heheh xD

BTW, how did your interview on Smackcast go? Can't wait for it to come out!! :D
I just don't get people not taking their job seriously...
@Paperette: Indeed. :|

@avian-reader: I think it went well?? xD Well, I had fun haha Don't know how entertaining it'll be for other people though. Hope others enjoy it!

@Conwant: Me neither. :| I don't think I could ever slack off like that, no matter how much I wanted to.
Considering how badly people want jobs these days I really don't get why when someone lazy comes along workplaces don't instantly replace them. Over half the guys I work with do nothing, and only NOW after almost half a year, are they considering replacing them, and it won't be now but in the future.
How is it that people like that can keep jobs while genuinely hard workers get written up and threatened over the tiniest mistakes?
Oh my god my father had a story EXACTLY like this one and I mean exactly, though the guy changed it up a bit (grandma, dog, dog, son, wife, etc.)