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...so that happened

Date Posted: January 11th, 2013, 12:40 pm
YOU WANNA KNOW THE LAST TIME I CRIED WAS?? It was a few weeks ago at work----oh wait.

Author Notes

Based on this conversation alone, I don’t think I will ever be manager material.

This was literally me while they were talking: http://delusioninabox.com/images/gifs/creeper.gif

PS in case you still haven't heard, I'm going to be on SmackCast! Details here: http://delusioninabox.tumblr.com/post/40114768747/guess-whose-going-to-be-on-smackcast-mee eee


There...there is no other reaction better suited for that conversation than the one you had. ._.
I agree... your reaction seems just like the one I would have
You too? last week during salestime my manager was talking to another lady I work with about how sometimes it was nice to "just have a good cry" and i was awkardly standing there becasue she handed me things to put away and hadn't told me where to put them yet. XD
So...managers really ARE heartless monsters? Huh. Always thought it was just a description, never realized it was reality.
What's wrong with not crying? I haven't cried since I was 11/12. Bragging about it is kinda odd though.
I've been sitting here wondering what that cartoon was...
The one that came to mind to me was Tom and Jerry, poor cat, he was always being tortured.
Maybe he laughed so much he cried?
@Paperette: @Snowwater: I do not even know what other reaction would be possible.

@phoenixgem: Something must be going around...everyone needs to talk about crying. xD

@Charlotte057: Thanks! :)

@Arc Impulse: But they don't really seem totally heartless?? (except for one guy, who wasn't even there) So that kind of made it even more confusing. o_o;;

@avi: Nothing wrong with it, just thought it was an odd conversation to have. But I different perspective because I can't imagine going 20+ years without having anything to cry about since I cry pretty regularly ^^;

@ProfessorF: haha I was wondering that too! XD

@SkyWithFluffyclouds: That was the first one I thought of also lol

@V-mort: That is a good theory, and one that would make me feel a lot better about this conversation for some reason haha