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make package round to fit in square hole

Date Posted: October 14th, 2012, 3:05 pm
Apparently "do not bend" became "PLEASE bend me!" at some point. It's a shame because our postal dude used to be really good at NOT doing this!

Author Notes

There are bigger boxes for this purpose, but I guess he was feeling lazy.

At least the damage was minimal...this time.


Lolol what a jerk face. xD...
Our post office people are jerks too u___u they just dump boxes outside our door and then leave it for someone to snatch up.
I would punch every postal worker in the FACE.

Or at least make them buy me a new one. Always have your mail insured!
just wanted to say, I read your main comic. It was simply incredible!;u; I hope things go well with your publishing adventures, and hope there will be more pages soon. I want to see whether the witch gets his way! >w<
We had one that was worse. We had a package come in from Russia (they were very rare handmade statues made out of glass) and we carefully packaged it so that it won't break when moved around in the post. However, it will break if a person hits it hard enough. So, we get it, we sign for it... and the postal worker drops it. On the ground. Which is made out of CONCRETE. And then it shattered. Postal worker didn't give a shit and we couldn't insure it as it had no definite value.
I think our postal worker is agoraphobic or something, because she'll try to do whatever she can to avoid getting out of her car. When she has to deliver packages, she'll just jam them in the mailbox regardless of how big they are. We've gotten a few boxes stuck in there we had to pry out.
Wow, look at all the hate for the postal service! I remember when I subscribed to magazines how they'd show up all torn, or bent, or sundamaged, or unwrapped, etc.
And they wonder why they're going out of business. As soon as teleporters exist...
Not the post office's fault, but I ordered a couple of graphic novels along with a boxed set of books off of Amazon. Whoever packaged it decided to put everything in the same box, but it was just slightly too small for the novels. So the edges got all squished and wrinkled. Fortunately, they weren't actually torn, so a week wedged between some other books smoothed them out, but if it'd been any worse I would have sent them back.
@Krazehhcakes: By your door, in your door...what's the difference? Close enough! I always worry about that happening...thank goodness I'm home most of the day I guess. XD

@The_Hankerchief: I like postal workers...when they don't do this. ;_; I don't think I've ever insured my mail. I guess I like living on the edge. XD

@redleaveshavefallen: aww thanks so much!! That means a lot to me~ <3 Don't worry, there will be plenty more pages! ;D

@Mundius: Oh my god, that sucks!! D: They should have done something because that's REALLY shitty. >:(

@KokoPuffz: Most of the time they do pretty well...but I guess sometimes there is just a fluke happenstance and they really goof. D: At least the book wasn't damaged!!

@robybang: Imagining an agoraphobic postal worker made me really laugh. XD Also imagining you having to pry the boxes out. Ohh that'd make a fun comic.

@Arc Impulse: Everyone has a horror story! D: But I don't know that UPS or FedEx are that much better, especially since they don't always deliver everywhere. Can't win!

@Ddraigeneth: Nnnrgh I hate when the edges are messed up...but at least the pages were okay. I like all my books to be perfect and pretty. o3o
I've had FedEx leave boxes out in the rain before. Thankfully my items were sealed in their own plastic packaging so nothing was damaged, but STILL. I only use UPS now; they're great. ^^