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Date Posted: September 23rd, 2012, 4:44 pm
His original name was "Wheaties" but we changed it to Oliver because: 1) it fits him 2) what kind of name is Wheaties?? 3) He didn't respond to that name anyway. BECAUSE EVEN HE KNEW IT WAS A BAD NAME

Author Notes

We were both nervous to drive out to meet Oliver, but this time a happy ending. :>

BTW we both have had dogs before. But this is the first time it is our dog, so we are really excited to make him part of our family. <3 I don’t think the apartment has been this clean since before we moved in. Ha!


How can a dog collar be TOO cute?
daww~ happy ending :´)

"wheaties", lol!
Is dog-proofing a house any easier than baby-proofing one?
Congrats on Oliver! Hope you have a happy life together!
Good idea with the cords. When we got our 2nd cat, hilariously enough a month later, got the Nintendo Gamecube. 2nd day of the system in the house, and the cat chewed clear through all the cords. Never trusted him to rub near any cords after.
Hey, congratulations on Oliver!

Now that you've introduced him, I hope to see more of him here in the future! :)
@contradiction123: I know, right? NOT CUTE ENOUGH, I always say.

@jonasfx: yup :3 WHO NAMES THEIR DOG "WHEATIES"?? seriously :|

@eishiya: I imagine its probably the same. Both will get into everything D: But if I ever have a baby, I'll let you know the answer. FOR SCIENCE. xD

@Arc Impulse: Thank you~ ^^ We were warned from his foster home that he has a special interest in cords, so we have been especially careful to tidy them up and spray any he can get to with the bitter apple spray haha (we did this with my family's dog when she was a puppy too and it worked great. Gotta get 'em to kick the habit early xD)

@The_Hankerchief: Thanks :) Hopefully there shall be plenty more of him to see! I will share pics too probably on Tuesday :D
Oh god the cruel irony. I'm looking for a dog right now because we FINALLY bought a house after 19 long years of liiife, and I'll finally be able to have my first dog. I found out that it's going to be really hard to get the dog I want anytime soon and so when I saw your 2 new comics about dogs it just felt like painful irony lol. ;__;
@Azumitaiko: D: D: I'm sorry!! *hugs* Is the breed you're looking for not in your area or expensive? I hope things work out and you can get your dog too! ;_;
This is actually exactly how we found my dog Allie. :) Oliver sounds adorable.
We had to watch our dogs to make sure and eagle wouldn't take them when they were puppies. We've had an eagle try after one of the cats we had a long time ago, so we knew it could happen. :D
Practice for BABIES!!! You two are acting like it's a human baby, and it is SO CUUUTE!!!

Good Luck with Oliver!
Gratulation to your new pup :)