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Date Posted: September 22nd, 2012, 3:48 pm

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I am still bummed. ;_;


I feel you. Our (relatively young) cat has been having really bad possibly cancer ear problems that to treat them would cost $$$$$$$$$$$. If I ever am absurdly wealthy I want to adopt the animals with the bad conditions and help to treat them so they can be happy haps :( :(
Yea, honestly i think you made a good decision. And I'm not saying this to be mean or anything but in a long run it will be expensive. Plus, you don't want that kind of heart ache because heart problem is a serious condition and if you died you will be even more heart broken.
you are a good soul<3
It takes awhile to find a good dog. I asked one for almost 10 years before I got mine as a kid. However due to impatience we got a dog early and it was absolutely psychotic.
It would be almost a year before we then found a place very far(at least a couple hours)from our house. My parents and brother were looking at a beautiful golden lab exactly as you described. I was looking in a cage with 2 black labs, and a massive litter of puppies. But one of them stood out from the rest...it was a shepard mix, that no one, even the shelter people didn't know the other half as he had no parents with him. He was a city dog, found on the streets, not even a month old(I'd say 3 weeks). We left first, but we came back a couple times as my parents were deciding on the golden lab, but the shepard mix intrigued me and already was extremely fond of me as well.
I asked my parents to try letting him out to us. He loved us, and the guy also mentioned that this one would need to be put down if he didn't get a home soon. We settled on that one, and we've had him for over 10 years now, one of the best dogs ever and we realize he's spoiled us with just how well behaved he is.
Young is good as they're easy to train. And as much as it hurts to not get Jensen, if you don't have the money it's hard to hold onto an animal with any condition. In our case, it didn't hurt that we already had 2 cats established in the house for years that kept him in line as well, though sadly, they've both passed away now, the 1st 2 years ago, the other was actually just a couple months ago. I mention this as this is why we had to have the recent one put down as we were just about to go on vacation, and having some people watch him, but he was an easily scared cat and was having problems and wasn't eating or drinking(also old as well), and we had no other choice.
Sorry for giving such a long story, basically, you did the right thing and with enough patience you'll meet the perfect pet for you! (crap, now I feel like some spokesman for Pound Puppies...)
@mitchellbravo: Yes, exactly :C Want all the animals to be happy! Why can I not haz more monies? D: Hope your cat is doing okay. <3

@Tanako: You're not being mean; I know it's the good choice. It was just hard cuz I fell in love with him so quick and everything. ;_; I wish we could have been a good home for him, but alas...things are what they are. He was adorable though so I'm sure someone else who has more money than us will be able to help him. (I hope) <3

@jonasfx: Thank you :C

@Arc Impulse: Oh, yeah, totally. The first dog my family got when I was a kid we got impatiently and we later found out she had a fear disorder inherited from the parents ._. So if you startled or scared her, she would bite you (she would be immediately apologetic afterwards, but that was like her reflex reaction. My parents still have her and she's 11 now and a lot more settled down, but we're still very careful with her (don't let strangers touch her, especially kids and men since apparently my dad is the only man she'll tolerate xD) But she was still very lovable and well behaved otherwise.

Thanks though! We're still looking. Part of what has been tough is finding a breed good for James since he is allergic to a LOT of breeds. We looked at a few others today, but they weren't the same. :C Some of them were super shy and wouldn't even play with us o_o; That made me wary because they reminded me of my parents' dog...

We get to visit a rescued dog from the humane society tomorrow so we'll see if he ends up a good fit for us ^^
A little over a year ago, about two miles down the road from my grandmother's ranch, there was a mini American Eskimo puppy that had been left abandoned on the side of the road. He was sitting at that corner on the road in the middle of nowhere, watching the cars go by. By ten o'clock that night, he was still there. My grandma saw him on her way to pick up my aunt from the airport, and again around that time on her way back. So she sent me and my uncle to go pick him up. We got down to the corner where he was, and my uncle Jeff lured him in with a bucket of dog food, and we kept him in Grandma's garage for the night.

The day after, Jeff brought him down to the vet's office (since he wouldn't have anything to do with anyone else, probably because Jeff was the one who got him in the truck that night.). It was determined that he was a mini American Eskimo, about seven months old at the time, and, as the vet told us, of a very high pedigree, possibly even thoroughbred. We searched for two weeks, combing the newspaper ads, lost dog reports, even talked to the county sheriff's department. However, we couldn't find an owner, so after that, he legally became ours. (The vet theorized that he had must've belonged to an elderly person that passed away and was abandoned by his kids, something which is more common than I'd like to hear). Jeff named him Homer (after the town in Alaska, not Mr. Simpson).

A couple months later, Grandma was at a hair salon in town when another lady was talking about having to sell her thoroughbred female mini American Eskimo puppy (The lady lived next to the 9th hole of the local senior estates/golf course, and the dog kept barking at the golfers, resulting in the city telling her she would get fined if she kept the dog). Grandma asked where she got the dog, and the lady said it was from a breeder in Oregon City that apparently had to shut down because somebody broke into their kennels and stole all seven of their males. We think Homer must've been one of the seven, though we never verified it, and even if we did, it wouldn't do us a lick of good because we had him fixed shortly after we registered him.

Homer's still with us (He's in Grandma's care now, since Uncle Jeff got sent to prison, but that's a story for another time), and he's become much more open to the family. He's a bit of a lunkhead, but that's okay, because he's our lunkhead.

I'd love to help you get him, if just purchasing him was the only hurdle. It is absolutely ridiculous how much it costs to get a dog from a shelter. (I maintain that if they lowered the cost to adopt an animal, there wouldn't be so many still up for adoption, but I digress).

Well, anyway, if you're still interested, let me know, I'll see what I can do.
@The_Hankerchief: My parents dog is an Eskie! I love how them; they are absolutely adorable *_* The distance would be hard though I think, but James has trouble with his allergies and the breed anyway. :/ (weirdly enough, even though my mom is fine with them despite her super bad dog allergies)

BUT ANYWAY that's a crazy story o_o (I'm telling you...YOUR LIFE IS CRAZY INTERESTING) Imagining him on the side of the road abandoned fills me with sad ;A; but it super nice of you guys to give him a home and try to find him another <3
I had to laugh at myself a minute ago. I read your comment, not quite understanding it, and then I realized, I didn't specify which dog I offered to help you buy. LOL I meant Jensen, my bad! I don't think we could ever give up ol' Homer, we've been through too much with him. Getting him acquainted with the family, taking him everywhere, feeding him French fries whenever we're in town (He'll only eat McDonald's fries for some weird reason, and only when they're hot. If they're cold, or not a McDonald's fry, he'll just shake his head and turn away). Not only has he been a constant source of amusement and fun, he's also really super protective of us, too. He was there for some of the most turbulent times I've ever seen my family go through, and he's been faithfully keeping Grandma company ever since. I'd say he's earned his keep.

haha That aside, I see in the next page, you did find a good dog. I'm very happy to hear that. Hopefully he'll be to you what Homer is to us. :)
@The_Hankerchief: LOL that makes a LOT more sense now!! xD I ADMIT I WAS KIND OF CONFUSED and thinking, "Why would you give me your dog that is now part of your family?? I WOULD FEEL KIND OF REALLY BAD TAKING HIM FROM YOU" xD xD

Homer sounds awesome and I'm glad he's found his way into your lives :) I hope Oliver works out well with us too ^^
Do you notice that all of these comments are like a mile long when it's about a dog but when it's a normal page it's only maybe two sentences