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I mean it!

Date Posted: August 29th, 2012, 11:20 am
I say these things from the bottom of my heart. :C

Author Notes

Hugs for everyone!! I am just full of so many feelings, you guys. FEELINGS.


I want this to go viral because it's true.
I love this strip ^^ So true! And something I remind myself. We're all essentially the same, with the same fears and worries, and really we all wanna try do the right thing...

... Apart from the occasional ASSHOLE!!
@H0lyhandgrenade: Look, it's not my fault as to what happened in Norwich.
This comic is beautiful. Thank you for creating it.
This is wonderful.
I have a mohawk and I'm the cuddliest dude ever. Shenanigans!
Holy crap, this got popular fast.
replies @mitchellbravo: haha I wish! xD But thank you. <3

@H0lyhandgrenade: Thanks :) Yep, I have remind myself too sometimes...hence making this comic ;D (and always ignore that occasional asshole. NOT WORTH IT.)

@redleaveshavefallen: Thank you very much! Glad you like it. :)

@Arc Impulse: Thanks ^^

@smeagol92055: hahaha Awesome!! XD

@Mundius: Actually, in comparison to how well one of the previous ones did on tumblr, I wouldn't say that at all. ^^; Although people seem to have more personal responses to this strip, which I think is better than just getting a lot of likes. :D
This is so sweet ;____; I always try to help people when they're down...but I'm also learning that some people don't want to be helped. :( That's also a sad truth. When I was in Stratford-upon-Avon last week, I saw this little old woman digging through a trashcan near a park for food. She looked like someone's grandma! I offered to buy her lunch, but she said, "No, no. Don't worry about me. Thank you." She whisked out some scraps from the trash, chewed on them and left. All the time she had a really sad look in her eyes. I wanted to cry.
@Piano-kun: That is true, and also a very sad story. :( *hugs* But even though it may be so, I don't think we should ever stop trying to help...you never know when they may change their mind and I certainly wouldn't want anyone to feel given up on! :C Hugs for everyone! EVERYONE!! Even if they don't want them!
I love you, Falconer. (Hugs)
@The_Hankerchief: Aw, you know I love you too! Fellow SJers forever! (hugs)
This comic was... heartwarming.
you LIFE TEACHER you!! ;___; much loves<3<3<3
@GlowingRain: Thank you :)

@jonasfx: :D haha, thanks! <3 <3
Awwww, this is just... so uplifting, maybe cheesy too but everything's better with cheese anyway. But really, a hug, it just says really well how I feel about people and the world in general. Another hug =D
@SkyWithFluffyclouds: Hugs for everyoneeee! :D
Oh my Words of wisdom! I never sat to think a bit about this. D:
Thanks. :)
Reminds me of one of the more famous quotes from the diary of Anne Frank.
I was feeling a bit down, And This made me feel better. Thanks :,)
@Falconer: I just cried because this is so pure
@Falconer: I just cried because this is so pure
That was deep. *Totally not crying because totally doesn't get emotional over stuff like this*
That was wonderful <3 <3 <3 :3

......Sadly I have a very few total of people actually asking me if I wanna talk about it or asking me overall how I feel. :I Honored of the very few who cares though. I could eat my very own farts for them, like seriously. I would drink smoking hot coffee, burning my whole tongue just for that few amount of caring, loving, sympathetic people. People just as wonderful as you seem to be. Such a shame I don't have a smoking hot coffee right here to burn my tongue though. Cuz u seem worth it. :3
So much true here. :) And didn't this or something with the same message go viral in the end? I'm sure I saw the message in comic form like this... I think it was this one. :)

Edit: Now I remember the timing. That was the time I should have chosen to fight the bitterness instead of feeding it for the next few years. Oh well, live and learn.