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"This won't take long at all..."

Date Posted: August 19th, 2012, 9:42 am
He actually ignored me and kept talking, but I didn't hear a word because I was still breathing fire and coding in my head. Plus I am lazy and that would have taken more panels. DEAL WITH IT.

Author Notes

When I program, I become possessed. More true facts.

I was working on redesigning my webcomic’s website btw (not this one, the other one!). Totally did finish it in a few hours (IN YOUR FACE CHROME AND FIREFOX WHO KEPT DISPLAYING THINGS DIFFERENT TO SPITE ME) but I’m probably not going to make it live until tomorrow or something. Because I am lazy and it is Sunday. :’D


Coding is like the ultimate test of human patience. It's embarassing how many times I've screwed up and have spent ages trying to fix a page only to realize I didn't put a backslash in a closing tag or something.
Isn't coding the *most annoying* BEST thing ever?! Don't you love when images won't show up because you forgot a backslash in the closing tag?????!!!!
@P3nT@bl3tsFTW: hahaha ALL THE TIME. ESPECIALLY when you spend hours trying to figure out what you did wrong, only to realize you forgot a single character! *dies on the inside*
The comic you showed in this strip... ...is it really one of yours? I mean, one you created? 'Cause I'm currently reading it and loving it! And loving this one, too. It's funny.
@Jaqueline Sparrow-Pheonix: Yup, it is! Glad you like them both! ^_^
I can relate to that
Yus! Another programmer/webcomic artist! I havnt gotten around to messing with my site, but its nice to see more coders. *highfive!*

Yep, I know how it goes. :) I keep telling myself, _when_ I make my next website I'll just use tables for layout, but this does nothing to save me from THE FRUSTRATE when I'm scripting that one game or the other programming projects I want to do. Yesterday in the game, when the proper method of presenting a url to a player didn't work first time, I just made the script send it to open chat instead. I'm a teeny bit proud of myself for avoiding THE FRUSTRATE! :)