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Date Posted: August 13th, 2012, 5:34 pm
Sexual tension? Why would you even bring that up, book?!

Author Notes

I want to try to do more quickie comics. Shooting for one a day?

Books you guys, books. The one I'm reading right now isn't even a romance, yet still contains a copious amount of sexual tension. (at least until a little over a hundred pages in - then you're like, "OH THANK GOD. Finally. I don't think I could of handled this for another 200 pages." Now they just have a copious amount of normal tension between them instead.)

It is a good book though.

I want to finish it.


But, alas, work...Ngggh!


<3 Mmmm, sexual tension.
Ah yes work and the distraction and the distraction seams to win a lot ... It's fatal when you need to get with something important, because you can always think of things to do instead of doing the work you have to get done
Your art has improved @Falconer: Anyway your art has improved at a GREAT rate. Also did you know that kid who has a parent who has diabetes is prone to have diabetes and has to keep fit or they get it.
Huh @princessprt: only if its genetic
And then one chapter turns into finishing the entire book.