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Got Me Again

Date Posted: February 23rd, 2017, 8:29 pm
Yesterday was the only day this week I didn't cry from the stress/pressure/anxiety. EEK.
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Author Notes

HAHAHA, that's what YOU thought!!


S.s. s#17 ???

I am tryung to figure out what it says on the boat lol

Dw as the unexpected loves to surprise you, it will surprise with something different each time soon, the good things are just around the corner , until then hang in there x)
@Guest: It's the S. S. (modified swear word). Think about what other letters those symbols and numbers look like
@Guest: Hope so... it's been a rough week!!! I know a few younger people read my comic, so I'm trying not to swear as blatantly. It's not really working lmao.

(Boo, I tried to give a black bg explanation but apparently HTML doesn't work in comments. Lame!)